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People of Svedasai on 15-17th of August celebrated 500 years anniversary of the town.

High Mass for Assumption and Svedasai anniversary

Sacred Svedasai flag is carried out the church

The people from Svedasai are greeted by Svedasai monitory Valentinas Neniskis (in the left) and Anyksciai region mayor Darius Gudelis

Warm greetings from professor Vytautas Landsbergis

Anyksciai region mayor strings a national sash to longevous Svedasai parish parson, current Kupiskis deanary dean - canon Vladas Rabasauskas

Near the composition of stones the participants of resistance fights are honoured

The monitory Valentinas Neniskis is glad to meet his first teacher Anele Dubietiene, who is 80 year old and came from Vilnius region, Riese. (The teacher had been working 40 years in Svedasai)